One thought on “Narcissists don’t care about boundaries

  1. George, thanks for the good adivce about video-taping. I’ve already started doing what you suggest and about not trying to get one complete take. Especially with the cut-aways to movie footage or still photographs, it’s easier to shoot it in bits.As for your question yes, I think there is that risk. The way I approach the situation is this: if someone comes in talking about extreme childhood abuse and neglect, then of course I’ll address those issues. Otherwise, we’ll focus more on what’s going on in their current life. If there is a childhood root or cause that needs to be addressed, it will eventually come out in the transference or will be re-created in some other area of their lives. I always say that the past is only relevant to the extent it’s still alive today in your behavior and relationships. Otherwise, psychotherapy runs the risk of become an intellectual exercise without a lot of relevance.

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