If people think the narcissist is so great, they can have him!


People are going to judge you. That’s the warm hard truth. Well, if they think the narcissist is so great, they can have a good old time with the narcissist themselves! Here’s one area where you can be very generous about giving something away!

From my eBook “Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse: The Warm Hard Truth”


One thought on “If people think the narcissist is so great, they can have him!

  1. Learned about differences beweten narcissistic personality and sociopath. Both these personality types leave a swath of destruction, although there might be so hope for the narcissist, especially if they feel some shame. The sociopath is hopeless. This is what I understood from Steve’s interview. It makes me feel sad because I perceive my sister may be a sociopath, but I am trying to forget about her. Hard to forget about her when family and former friends are ingratiated with her charm, and she would have killed my mother with her manipulations had my brother and I hadn’t intervened. My sister devastated my family even before her act on my mother and I am sad that my sister will leave more victims behind as she continues to live like it is all about her. I can’t even warn these people who are being duped by my sister’s charm or feel sorry for her because I will be somehow allowing her back into my life. Nobody would believe that someone so charming or so nice or so meek could create so much trouble.

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