The narcissist uses people as puppets

For you, your friends and family are people you care about, share things with and turn to for support. For the narcissist in your life, they are pawns to “win.”


The narcissist doesn’t try to win over your friends because he likes them and wants to get to know them. He goes after them because he wants to take them from you. The narcissist will charm them long enough to use them, then he will ignore them. Your friends are only puppets to the narcissist.

One thought on “The narcissist uses people as puppets

  1. True.Not all manipulative people who use people as puppets are narcissists, but all narcissists use people as puppets with means of discord and chaos. So that they can become the order.”Order out of chaos”.When you notice you been used as a puppet is too late and they already got what they wanted (separated you from a friend, relatives, took something precious away,took advantage of some weakness of yours,played on your feelings cause they have none)

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