Abuse continues because…

Abuse continues because…

victims, especially women, are labeled “crazy” or “dramatic” when they speak out

victims are scared their abusers will hurt them

witnesses stay quiet to avoid retaliation

some people actually think abuse is okay

judges and police are not well-educated about it

the public is not well-educated about it

abusers lie

vulnerable people make good scapegoats

some victims have been abused so long, (and possibly by multiple people,) that they don’t know that what is happening to them is wrong

victims are shamed for cutting off abusive families or divorcing abusive spouses

Can you think of more reasons?


2 thoughts on “Abuse continues because…

  1. if she doesn’t get help, he will be portrayed as an ausebr. She first convinced the court she was in a good place and wanted more custody time and to allow the minor to attend middle school near to her. They allowed the school and then she worked her usual magic. Turned the child against the father where eventually he went from 50% to 15% custody. It’s all about money for her and it was clear in a letter she wrote to him while pregnant. She said you might as well leave me now and just pay me child support to raise the child. The minor is now 14 and is on anti-depressants and has physical health issues related due to stress. Her personal physician has said the child breaks down in tears when they begin to discuss her home life. Minor has a court appointed minor’s counsel. She refuses to acknowledge any problems despite the doctor’s information, the child’s best friend’s mother even called the attorney to advise her of verbal abuse on the child, and the minor has posted on facebook she’s tired of her mom taking her emotional problems out on her. Yet when we went to court the attorney did not advise the judge anything about this and said the child was in a wonderful place and nothing should change. When my husband made the comment about the minor’s health it was brushed off by the judge and the attorney as her just needing a therapist. Unfortunately, the therapist appointed is the minor’s counsel friend. The mother has withheld the child, stole the college fund that 2 judges ordered her not to touch, refuses to pick up the child from visits and yet nothing happens to her. Until the courts start to do something about enforcing orders, it will never end. Sadly, these are the children who can grow up later screwed up and do unthinkable things. I am trying to find ways to become an advocate for these children but don’t know where to start.

  2. In my case, the ex just won’t stop. He considers it a game, he needs to “win”. Even after 13 yrs of divorce…
    The child support ended, so now he has so called friends, sending me friend request on facebook, so he can gain access to my blocked account. I just want to be left alone, but feel I’ll never be free of him… The kid’s are all over 18 and he blames me for not being able to see them. Not me, judge.. In direct orders. Therapeutic, supervised, visitation or nothing! He refused it. There’s nothing wrong with him (why of course not, the kids were brainwashed) . To him, abuse is when you’re in the hospital on life support, he admitted to abusing me, but not kids… So done!!!

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