Bill Cosby’s accusers and the dual-nature of predators

So Bill Cosby, (whose opinions I have always admired,) has been accused of multiple cases of rape. Despite his nice guy reputation, I completely believe this is true. I know a little…no make that a LOT…about how people can play two roles in life. On news sites, people are calling his accusers whores, liars, skanks, gold diggers and worse. I feel for those woman, (although I’m glad they have each other for support.) This story brings up an excellent opportunity to educate people on the dual nature of predators such as narcissists and sociopaths, as well as the reality that rape victims are afraid to speak up because of this very type of response.

Narcissistic people are good at what they do. They are masters of creating and protecting a false image. They know how to play people and they know how to prey on vulnerable people who will be torn apart if/when they speak out.

People who’ve been abused, (like myself,) are desperate to be heard. We go out trying to tell people what happened behind closed doors and we are promptly accused of lying and smearing the abuser. Other people see this and keep their mouths shut. There are dozens of support groups for people online–people who’ve been through hell and were further attacked for speaking out. This is the nature of evil and it is the reason that abusive people feel safe in continuing their behavior. You can’t always trust that a charming person is indeed a good person and you have no idea what goes on in private, but it’s a good idea to listen to someone who has a story.

In my own situation with a narcissist/sociopath, I have received messages from many women telling me they went through the same things with him. Not a one will speak publicly. I did. And I have been slandered and libeled among our common acquaintances and social media for doing it. Hey fellow victims, why don’t you speak out and help your brothers and sisters more often? And to you who have been lucky enough to avoid meeting such a predator, it sure would be nice if you’d listen to those of us who have not been so lucky, because the worst part of this abuse hell is learning that “good” people didn’t have my back when I tried to get help.