My first Thanksgiving 2500 miles from home with a narcissist

Another story I found. I wrote this not long after leaving my first narcissist husband, (before I knew he was a narcissist.) I was writing what had happened to me as part of therapy.

On top of that, I was homesick. I don’t have the best family, or even a family that I really like, but it was the first time in my life that I didn’t have Thanksgiving at home with at least someone from my own family. So, he started getting angry with me and calling me lazy. Add to that the fact that I was melancholy about the holiday away from home, and I was crying by the time we left the house. I tried to explain why I was so upset, but he got angrier. In his mind, my missing my own home was offensive to his family. He said that his family was my family now and I should be happy to spend the holiday with them. Somehow, in his weird mind, my being homesick was offensive to his family. I’d been dealing with the criticism and his controlling my life for several months. I put up with it because most of the things he wanted to “fix” were things that would benefit me. Not that my way was wrong, but his might be better. But, this new form of beginning abuse was different. Instead of empathizing with me about a very normal reaction, he became angry and took it personally. He shunned me all the way there and didn’t say much until we arrived.

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