Narcissists hate your normal boundaries–but it’s GOOD to have boundaries

Many of us who grew up in abusive families never learned to set boundaries. Or if we tried, they were repeatedly violated until we felt helpless–like we couldn’t live our own lives. When I was a child, I started to have normal boundaries and I stated what I did and didn’t like, but my narcissistic … Read more

Suggested books for dealing with narcissists and other crazy people

My other blog includes many book reviews…and I read a lot of books about narcissistic abuse, crazy people and recovery. Many of these might be helpful for you too: People Can’t Drive You Crazy if You Don’t Give Them the Keys by Mike Bechtle Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World … Read more

Narcissists gaslight you and protect each other

Narcissists gaslight you and protect each other. Last night, for whatever reason, I remembered an incident that happened with  my narcissist mother and her narcissist sister who is even worse. I have always been a pale person and I have a yellowish olive tinge to my skin tone–just like my dad. I don’t tan much, … Read more

The narcissistic man may have a history of on-again off-again relationships

From my third eBook: A Woman’s Guide to Detecting Narcissistic Men: Thirty Tips for Recognizing a Potential Predator Click HERE to see or buy on Amazon. Even if it hasn’t happened with your man, (or it’s just starting to happen,) listen to his stories and notice if he has a history of on-again/off-again relationships. This … Read more