The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part Four–Lack of Consideration

A relationship where the other person is not considerate of you, your needs, your desires and your feelings is not a good relationship worth keeping. You deserve better! In my last post about Fifty Shades of Grey, I wrote about Christian’s controlling behavior over Ana–telling her how to eat and behave. This time, I will … Read more

The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part Three–Control

In my last blog about Fifty Shades of Grey, I noted that Christian picked Ana partly because she had poor boundaries and seemed timid, while her stronger friend, Kate, knew immediately that he was bad news. In this blog, we move farther into the book as Christian begins controlling Ana and dictating how she should … Read more

The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part Two Boundary Violations

In my first blog analyzing Fifty Shades of Grey, I related how Ana and Christian sized each other up and Ana realized she was dealing with a control freak while Christian realized he’d found an easy target. And that was just in the first chapter! The next few chapters show rapid boundary violations as Christian … Read more

The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part One

I’ve been blogging a bit about Fifty Shades of Grey and how it is a negative example for “romance.” Yesterday, I gave a summary, but now I want to explain why the book is disturbing. So here I go, page by page/chapter by chapter…. All quotes come from: James, E L (2011-05-25). Fifty Shades of … Read more

Narcissists hurt people…then blame the victims because they did it!

“Narcissists think they are beyond reproach, and they feel entitled to hurt others without consequence. They don’t have empathy for others and they don’t care what they do to others. All narcissists care about is what they want and when they want it! If you are with a man who repeatedly hurts others then blames … Read more

Domestic Violence takes many forms, but they are all about power and control!

You can click on the photo to go to the site with the domestic violence wheel and more information from: So many times, I hear people discounting abuse and claiming emotional or verbal abuse, etc…are not really abuse. Many people think only physical attacks are abuse. They are wrong! Domestic violence is about power … Read more