You don’t have to be a professional to know something is wrong!

Know the signs of a predator!

Know the signs of a predator!

I know we aren’t all psychologists or therapists, and we don’t all have the credentials to diagnose someone, but you CAN trust your instincts. A narcissist or a sociopath is so much different from a “normal” person, that it’s easy to tell something is wrong after you spend enough time alone with them.

Raging? Reckless driving? Lack of empathy? Lack of remorse? Lying? Being two-faced? Being, (at least,) two different people depending on if you are in public or private? Leaving you scared? Losing jobs? Being aggressive? Ignoring responsibilities? Gas lighting? Putting you in impossible damned if you do/damned if you don’t situations?

If you are with someone who is doing all of these things consistently, it is a HUGE sign that it’s time to move on! We all need to be aware of the signs.

One thought on “You don’t have to be a professional to know something is wrong!

  1. I know know all the signs thanks to site,s like this and the internet, i spent 35 years married to a man who i saw all the signs that there was something wrong with him but because i could not understand or explain why he was doing things and no one would believe me when i tried to tell about rages out of fresh air, they would say no one does that for nothing what did you do,because i could not understand myself what was going on i felt so alone,it was not until i could not take any more,he left and picked right up with some one else like i had never existed i looked online for answers as to what i had been dealing with that i found out about narcissism it fits him perfectly its very important to get the signs of this type of person out there so others dont have to suffer like i did.

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