One thought on “Sometimes she’s not crazy–she’s trying to tell you the truth!

  1. OMG!!! You have just described my life more slelificacpy, my marriage and terrible divorce. I married a Narcissist, and announced he was leaving me for someone else, I apologized profusely for all my errs. He never did. He used them all against me told me I was awful, confirmed’ it was all my fault, that he had no choice but to find another as I drove him to it’. All this while I was going through a severe depression (I was diagnosed 5 months before he officially’ left). He tried to bring his new love’ into our home, which forced me to go and live at a friend’s for 2 months, until we sold and took care of everything. He kicked me when I was at my lowest. It was the most difficult time in my entire life. I must admit this destructive (but ultimately positive) experience forced me to look at myself, figure things out and deal with things. That was 5 years ago. While I am still single, I have never been happier, and my self-esteem is no where where it was back then. I, like you, didn’t understand what a narcissist was; I discovered this illness’ through my therapy and through LOTS of reading. My mother is a narcissist, so that’s where my patterns began. While I still find myself attracting narcissists, I am able to see them for who they really are’ before getting involved my intuition is now awake’ or at least I listen to it which keeps these destructive people at arm’s length. I will struggle with this for the rest of my days but thank God I understand it.Thanks so much for sharing and for your advice. I agree 100%.

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