Just an example of how obsessed a narcissist is with a smear campaign….

The narcissist’s smear campaign is ongoing, underground, and relentless. You won’t know even half of what he’s really doing. A few years ago, after I first split from my ex narcopath, I posted in a large forum where I was an active member and asked if anyone wanted to form a small, private support group for people … Read more

The day I started recovering from narcissistic abuse

There is hope, recovery, and peace after narcissistic abuse! So many of us say that recovering from a narcissist is much harder than recovering from a regular break-up. It’s true! In a bad relationship, you might fight with your partner, but when you are with a narcissist, they are tearing your life apart. And they … Read more

Narcissists do not like to pay money that they owe

Narcissists don’t willingly meet their financial obligations. Child support? Alimony? Personal Loans? Taxes? Nope. If it’s not fun for them, they simply ignore it. If a narcissist owes you money, you will probably never see it without a fight. They simply do not feel like they should have to pay for things that aren’t directly … Read more

How I learned that the courts can’t be trusted to protect raped women

A few years ago, I briefly dated someone who became extremely abusive within months. From his behavior towards me, stories I heard from others and stories he told me, I quickly realized he was definitely a narcissist and probably a sociopath as well. He was reckless, cruel, lacked empathy, was manipulative and lied a lot. … Read more

The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part Five–Blinded by Sex

Don’t let sex and hormones fool you into falling “in love” with or staying with someone who is abusing you! Narcissists often depend on the power of dramatic sex to keep you hooked. In my last blog, I left off at the end of chapter 8, when Christian has just taken Ana’s virginity with very … Read more