A good book for understanding narcissists, their tricks, and terms for describing them

The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists: Coping with the One-Way Relationship in Work, Love, and Family In the world of narcissist support groups, there are a lot of terms that we get used to using. Phrases like “flying monkeys,” “overt and covert narcissists,” “scapegoat and golden child,” and more. People who are just learning … Read more

A real-life example of people trying to hush the facts about narcissism

A while back, a minor celebrity–an entertainer with a history of narcissistic behavior–did something public that offended thousands of people. He made a Facebook post complaining about his wait in a hospital emergency room, and he berated all of the employees who didn’t put his needs first. (For the record, he didn’t wait much more … Read more

Why daughters of narcissists date and marry more narcissists

It is not uncommon for daughters of narcissistic parents to date and marry narcissistic men repeatedly. Unfortunately, people who come from healthy families cannot understand why this would happen to someone. Often times, a woman who has been in an abusive relationship more than once is considered “crazy” or “damaged goods” or people believe she … Read more

The Narcissist wants to turn you against your friends and family

Narcissists often target people who have been abused before or people who have a poor support system. They know that people who have a lot of concerned friends and family members are more likely to be protected and supported, as well as helped and advised during an abusive relationship. For example, a lot of people–women … Read more

Narcissist mothers become enemies who poison people against you

From my e-Book The Faces of Narcissistic Abuse: First-Hand Experiences with Narcissists My mother started leaving me out of family events, and if I did go to one, relatives made hateful comments to me about how mean I was to her. I was always confused. These people didn’t really know me. They knew her stories. … Read more