Helpful link about Monica Lewinsky and surviving a smear campaign

Ya think you’ve endured a rough smear campaign at the hands of your ex-narcissist? Your reputation and credibility are being wiped all over the muddy floor in someone’s basement? Monica Lewinsky went through this in front of the entire world and survived! I cannot imagine the pain and stress she has endured. I think I have a hard time when my ex narcopath has people posting lies about me in front of thousands of people, but Lewinsky faced millions, if not billions of haters or at least people who wanted to mock her. She was betrayed by a “friend,” seduced and betrayed by a lover, and scapegoated for nearly all of it. She is still a household name and yet she managed to slip out of the tabloids and live her life. There is some good advice in this article. I think many of us will be able to relate and learn.

Humiliation, Recovery and Monica Lewinsky: Fifteen Ways to Deal With Public Shaming

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