Helpful link about the narcissist’s devalue phase

Narcissists have a standard relationship cycle. They love bomb you and treat you like the greatest person ever, which draws you in. Then they begin to lose their charm and they devalue you. This is when the abuse begins. Finally, they discard you as yesterday’s news. This article gives you some of the warning signs that you are in the devalue phase. This is a confusing phase for people who don’t know about narcissism yet. One day you have Prince or Princess Charming and the next day, they are criticizing everything you do and pulling away. The victim usually becomes a bit desperate and tries to do whatever it takes to make the narcissist happy again. The victim will think the abuse is their fault and that the narcissist has changed. If only they can do the right thing, the narcissist will be wonderful again, right?

Wrong. This is when you see the narcissist’s true colors. There is nothing you can do to make your soul mate return, because that was all just an act.

This article gives
5 Signs Your Narcissist Is Ready To Move On

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