One of the ways the narcissist brainwashes your (former) friends

narcscoreboardNarcissists want your friends and family as their own. They want to make sure you have no support system and they want to make sure no one believes your truth about them.

If you get in an argument with a friend, guess who will swoop in? Yep. The narc! It might be a simple argument that is easily resolved, but the predator comes in and starts whispering in your friend’s ear reminding them of how mad they are and all the bad things you’ve done. The narc will commiserate with them and share that, they too, have been hurt by you. The narcissist will bond with your friend over it.

Then guess who is added to the narcissist’s checklist and score board? Your friend.

And guess who stops talking to your friend much once the damage is done? The narcissist.

And guess who gets hurt? You.

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