I kept apologizing to the narcissist even when I didn’t do anything wrong

I have been organizing everything that happened when I was with my former narcissist sociopath ex. I’m going through all the HELP! messages I sent people and piecing them together to make a timeline and a story of what it was like to be in that hurricane of narcopath terror. In one section, I wrote … Read more

Confirmation Bias–one of the narcissist’s most effective tools

One of the narcissist’s biggest tools: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias The narcissist relies on Confirmation Bias to get people to believe the lies about the victims. If a narc tells his monkeys or enablers a bunch of lies about you, then innocent things you do will look like “proof” that the narcissist was telling the truth, because they … Read more

Why narcissists and predators love organizations and clubs

I have previously blogged about something I noticed–that a club enabled and protected my ex narcopath. I saw it for myself and noticed the phenomenon, but I recently found an article from a professional that better explains what I was seeing. This article is titled and focused on predators in religious organizations, but it begins with … Read more

Helpful link about Monica Lewinsky and surviving a smear campaign

Ya think you’ve endured a rough smear campaign at the hands of your ex-narcissist? Your reputation and credibility are being wiped all over the muddy floor in someone’s basement? Monica Lewinsky went through this in front of the entire world and survived! I cannot imagine the pain and stress she has endured. I think I … Read more

Helpful link about the narcissist’s devalue phase

Narcissists have a standard relationship cycle. They love bomb you and treat you like the greatest person ever, which draws you in. Then they begin to lose their charm and they devalue you. This is when the abuse begins. Finally, they discard you as yesterday’s news. This article gives you some of the warning signs that … Read more