An extreme example of courts and public opinion abusing a woman for speaking up

There is a growing problem in society with courts putting parents’ “rights” ahead of kids’ rights and safety. There is also a common societal problem with the public attacking those who speak out and try to protect their children by calling them “crazy.” (It’s usually women being called crazy.) You can see both in the … Read more

Yes we should blame abusive parents for some of our problems

So this meme is circulating on Facebook. It brings very divisive reactions. Some people think it’s great, and that all adults should take full responsibility for everything that happens to them. I think that, while the idea is good–that of being accountable for your choices–the meme is completely wrong and ignorant for children of narcissistic … Read more

Will your child with a narcissist become a narcissist too?

I was pregnant when I realized my ex was a narcissist and a sociopath, and that scared me for a variety of reasons. One, having a baby meant that I wasn’t going to be able to escape completely, two, I was scared that my child could grow up to be the same type of person, … Read more

New eBook–In the Eye of the Sociopath’s Hurricane: Seven Weeks of Rage

I just published my latest eBook. I wrote it months ago just for myself, but debated whether or not I should put it on Amazon. My other three eBooks are about things I’ve learned and truths that you can count on when dealing with narcissists. This is just plain old–my story. I kind of felt … Read more