Flying monkeys never pay attention to the fact that the narcissist’s stories don’t line up

Do you think the narcissist isn't using you? Think again!The ability of the narcissist to lie and lie and lie some more–telling conflicting stories that never match up–yet still convince the flying monkeys to believe the lies still surprises me. It’s like they completely take over their enablers’ minds, and sometimes I even wonder if they don’t have some kind of supernatural or magical help to do it! It’s like a narcissist could tell a flying monkey that 2+2=5, and the monkey would believe it then go on to argue how true it is on behalf of the narcissist. They can’t even see that none of the words from the narcissist’s mouth add up! How can they not see it?!

One of my ex narcopath’s worst flying monkeys is in a position very similar to mine. In fact, I tried to have empathy and befriend her when I first met her. She too is the daughter of an abusive mother, and she too has a deadbeat abusive ex who refuses to pay child-support. She even went so far as to make a website shaming her deadbeat ex, and has been interviewed about men who refuse to pay child-support. In the interview, she condemns men who drive nice cars, live in nice homes and take nice vacations while claiming they are too poor to pay their child-support. My ex narcopath does two of those three and is over a year behind in paying…yet this very same woman is one of his biggest supporters! How does this make any sense? How did the narcopath find a woman who despises people like him and train her to attack for him?

This woman has posted vicious, disgusting lies about me on public pages in view of people who know me. She gets them straight from the mouth of the narcopath who is lying to her, and yet she’s completely devoted to him. I know that daughters of narcissists are more likely to be re-victimized by more narcissists, and I know he fooled me too at first, but I caught on pretty quickly because his words and actions didn’t match. How is his flying monkey not seeing the clear truth? She even went on a trip with him when he was refusing to pay child-support!

Sometimes I try to have empathy and realize that she hasn’t begun recovering from her own bad childhood if she is so easily tricked and victimized by a predator, and I try to feel lucky that I now have my eyes open and have learned to be more astute. But mostly, I’m just frustrated that someone is willing to attack me against all reality. I just do not understand how narcissists can so easily lead people to believe obvious lies!

But then, just think of evil leaders through history who have convinced thousands or millions of people to do pure evil for them. I’d love to better understand the psychology behind it. I recently bought a book called The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements (Perennial Classics)about mass movements like Nazism. I know it isn’t about narcissists directly, but I’m hoping it will help me understand how a predator can convince people to believe the opposite of reality.

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