Have you ever wondered if narcissists and sociopaths get supernatural help?

Even though I know it’s kind of a weird idea, sometimes I wonder if my ex narcopath has supernatural help. When I see how he so easily manipulates people into believing his lies despite all reality and proof, I feel like he has more than normal human abilities. Sometimes I wonder if there really is such thing as demon possession or if Satan is helping him. Crazy sounding, I know! But these people seem to get away with so much evil so easily.

Last night, I was watching Criminal Minds, and there was a serial killer with an obsession with Satanic symbols. The show briefly touched on Agent Morgan’s split from the church after a bad experience, so there were some religious themes of good vs evil/ God vs Satan.

At one point in the episode, Agent Morgan asked a rhetorical question that was pretty similar to what I sometimes wonder. He said:

He caught every break possible, Rossi.
Gets released from the hospital.
His records get destroyed.
Gets pulled over with a victim in the trunk of his car, and they let him go.
I’ve never seen anyone that lucky.

Agent Rossi: What’s your point?

Agent Morgan: You been doin’ this a long time.
You’ve seen a lot of things.
You think it’s possible that Feylinn would–I don’t know.
That he was gettin’ some kind of help from somethin’ else?

Even though it’s just a show, the writer of that dialog put into words what many of us wonder in the face of evil.

8 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered if narcissists and sociopaths get supernatural help?

  1. OMG! I have wondered that so many times. I talked with a spiritualist & she to burn sage in my house to get rid of energy he left here. Also to put sage & salt around the perimeter of my house.

      • “with narcissists siwnhog no interest in having custody of the children and almost no interest in parenting at all, until something goes wrong in their lives (such as a divorce, loss of a job, loss of a new relationship, business deal gone bad). Then, to cope, they suddenly see themselves as perfect parents and want custody of the kids” This is what I think is happening in my case. Long story, but in short: I got out of a (very short) relationship with a narcissist before giving birth to our child. I had to get out of this relationship, felt something was very wrong with him, and after reading a lot, found out he fits the narcissist ‘profile’ perfectly. He never showed any interest in the child, i’ve been raising the child alone, all going very well. Then, after years he demands visitation and courtcase after courtcase follow. He is escalating everything, not trying to solve. He got the courts to give him permission to legally recognize the child, so he is successful too. (Just as described in edcourses ‘It’s all your fault” ) He never paid childsupport and still will not, and he’s allowed not to as he does not have any money.Anyway, now I am faced with a courtordered mediation to establish (the possibility of granting) visitation rights and to get ‘the parents’ back in touch and mediate between us.Obviously, I want nothing to do with him in my/our life, but I have to face this situation and deal with it.Besides this, I do feel that my child has a right to know who his biological father is. But I am sure that allowing him access to our lifes in some way will be harmful. Its difficult. I do not know what would be the best approach for me to take in this mediation. (A child development psychologist/mediatior will be the court mediator).How to ‘expose’ him, should I fight it or stay reasonable, and most importantly, what is best for my child?Court and mediation is focussed and intent on getting some kind of contact going between father and child.I want to stay reasonable and want the best for my child, but I am so worried that i will ‘loose’ in the mediation. Not sure if anyone here can help out or can refer me to another blog/forum?Thanks a lot,From Europe

  2. I wondered this so often myself…I asked a lot of religious leaders, and people of lots of spirituality. The former N (I refuse to call him “my ex”, because even tying us together with words seems to bring him into my space somehow) was so good at manipulating things, twisting words and situations that somehow had been innocent until then! And he always seemed to know things that he wasn’t present for. He once even told me he was able to read my mind! I had several people suggest burning frankinsense (if you can’t handle sage), and sprinkling holy water around the house, and leaving a small dish of vinegar next to windows. I will say this…I felt a lot better once I did all that.

  3. Google jezabel spirit. narcopaths are the same thing. but is jezabel spirit just what they called narcopaths back then? If so then they wanna destroy us since they work for satan.

  4. Dear Joanna and Friends, have wondered about this also. Just heard a sermon about this very question. Preacher said, since the devil does have power, (for now) he is able to look after his own. Of course, that isn’t going to end well…for either him or his monkeys. Love your blog 😉

  5. I’d join, but can’t spoil “420 members”. My N knew things, like I self harmed and mum knew…. How? kept looking at the covered wound site. She wished my uncle’s wife dead. She died unexpectedly within six weeks.

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