10 Excuses for not believing abuse victims–and why they are wrong

People will usually believe an abuse victim who has “proof” in the form of bruises or broken bones, but it’s not easy to “prove” that one has been emotionally, verbally, mentally or financially abused. As a result, so many of us who were tormented by an aggressive, violent and vicious narcissist are disbelieved when we … Read more

My first relationship with a narcissist destroyed part of me forever

You know, we are supposed to believe that everything gets better again post-narcissist, and that is mostly true; however, I feel like a part of my childish dreams died for good–a bit of idealism, belief in fairy-tales, hope for a soulmate…all kinds of romantic ideas. A therapist once told me that I would heal, but … Read more

If you haven’t dealt with a narcissist or a sociopath, you should know this….

No one can ever really understand what it is like to live with a narcissist or sociopath unless they have been there too. For that reason, many victims of predators cannot get the validation and support they need, and in fact, many good people will see the victim’s negative traits, (such as anger, frustration and … Read more