What the public needs to learn from the Bill Cosby rape scandal

For decades, women have been claiming that comedian Bill Cosby drugged and raped them. For decades, the accusations have been dismissed or ignored. In recent years, the claims have grown, and in the past year, they have escalated and been brought to light. To judge by responses on social media, until recently, most people supported … Read more

Narcissists often target people who make easy scapegoats

I’ve had a theory for a while, that narcissists will often target people who have some problem that will make them an easy scapegoat. After all, if the victim has an obvious “deficiency,” it will be easier to pin all blame on the victim. Then, the abusive narcissist can pretend to be a victim and … Read more

Be careful about calling out the narcissist too soon

One thing I’ve learned in dealing with a narcopath, is that when you point out their bad behavior, it rarely stops the bad behavior, but it does alert them that something is wrong with it. Narcissists don’t care about doing something that is wrong, but they do care about how people see them, so if … Read more