Why you should always report neglect or violence in a relationship…and leave

Narcissists and sociopaths confuse and jumble everything around them. They charm their ways out of trouble, they fool people, they rationalize their bad behavior in ways that seem logical…and they keep getting away with it. So many times, we put up with it for months or years before we finally speak out. Then, people don’t … Read more

If there’s one narcissist…there may be more. You aren’t imagining it!

Sometimes when I tell people I have narcissistic parents, narcissistic relatives, and two narcissist ex husbands, they call me crazy. They assume I’m just imagining narcissists everywhere. They think I’m exaggerating or lying. They think I am the problem. I can kind of see where they are coming from. Seriously, I know that many narcissists?! … Read more

Patience when good doesn’t win right away–Inspired by Star Wars

The other day I wrote about watching Star Wars Episodes I-III for the first time and seeing sociopathy in a main character. I often find examples of narcissism and sociopathy in movies. You know, we often feel very alone after the horrors we’ve dealt with, but there are so many examples in popular culture, that … Read more

Sociopathy in Palpatine in the Star Wars prequels

I’ve written before about narcissism in movies, (Lord of the Rings.) So many of our popular books and movies feature bad guys who reveal narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies. Of course, the antagonist is not always labeled a narcissist, but they are usually cruel, manipulative, two-faced and infuriating! Many times, the bad guys in movies and books … Read more

The little lies roll right off the narcissist’s tongue…and they serve a purpose

Every narcissist lies. All the time. Lies are essential to their games and the facades they create, and lies come so easily to them. I don’t even think they plan ahead or rehearse. They just open their mouths and the most beautiful, “reasonable,” and believable lies pour out. I used to see my narcissist mother … Read more