Narcissists program their enablers like robots


Narcissists program their enablers to repeat their lies for them. These flying monkeys never question whether or not the stories are true. They just blindly repeat them–sometimes word for word–as if they are true.

4 thoughts on “Narcissists program their enablers like robots

  1. My sister’s children repeat her lies almost word for word. It’s as if she has taught them to repeat her own lies. I have learned not to listen to her or her children (difficult because I was a good uncle to all of them). My mother was not perfect, but honestly thank the almighty that my NP sister was not my mother. Feel very sorry for her loyal kids who are not helping her and in the process are badly infecting themselves.

  2. The flying monkeys are usually weak morally bankrupt and has been sad several times they dont even question the lies of the abuser. They will apparenrly do anything to durthwr abuse the abused failing to realise they are potential victims.

  3. Its really do and be damned, dont do and be damned when dealing with a narcissist. Just merely describing it as just another mental disorder does not remove the devastating impact this condition has on its targets.

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