What would you say to Harvey Weinstein?

In case you haven’t heard, Harvey Weinstein is a Hollywood producer who has been sexually harassing, molesting and raping rising actresses for years. It was a well-known “secret,” but women are starting to come out publicly now. Lots of women…including some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses. Many of them are admitting that they all knew, … Read more

Narcissists target and blackball people to prevent them from succeeding

“Blackballing” is an older term. It originates from the old practice of voting with colored balls to admit someone into a club. If someone wanted to join a social club, the current members would all vote whether to admit them or not by putting a ball in a closed container. The color of the ball … Read more

Are you dating a narcissist? Five warning signs

A few years ago, I wrote a book called “A Woman’s Guide to Detecting Narcissistic Men: Thirty Tips for Recognizing a Potential Predator.” Here are five of the characteristics you might see if you are dating a narcissistic man with their condensed explanations. To read more, please find the book on Amazon: Number one: The … Read more

I’m being stalked by a crazy woman…and it’s my mother!

Wow, that sounds like an article in a cheap tabloid magazine! But it’s true. And I’m uncomfortable, because I’ve received several reminders lately. My mom is a narcissist, a pathological liar and a manipulator. She twists and turns stories to be a victim and plays sweet little old lady. I’m always the troubled “teenager” even … Read more

Yes, the sociopath’s enablers DO know what he/she is–Harvey Weinstein

So Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is in the news lately. There are dozens of credible stories and witnesses of him harassing, molesting, blackmailing and sexually abusing various actresses. At least one actress–Rose McGowan–received a cash settlement after Weinstein raped her. In fact, she used her voice and used Twitter to tell others what happened to … Read more

Not every person you dislike is a narcissist

I’ve said before that we both over estimate and under estimate narcissism. Yes, it is good when we define and recognize narcissistic personality disorder. Not enough people are educated about it, and not enough people see narcissists for what they are. We need more ability to recognize these disordered predators. On the other hand, many … Read more

No. Talent, money, fame, attractiveness and charisma are not reasons to accept abusive behavior

As I’m sure we all know, the political climate is shameful right now. Nasty, hateful comments, intolerance, bullying and name calling all around. Earlier this year, a celebrity whose work I have greatly enjoyed started joining in on Twitter. He was attacking and shaming another celebrity, (a woman,) who didn’t vote the way he did … Read more