Stand for what is right. Stand against what is wrong.

If you stand up for the things that are right, someone is always going to mock you. If you speak against the things that are wrong, someone is always going to hate you. What will you choose to do?

When you choose a straight path and try to do the right thing, people will often mock you for being a “goody two shoes” or a nerd. It’s not always “cool” to do what is right. You might not join in bullying others. You might not choose to get into trouble. You might not fit in with the crowd. But, you’ll avoid a lot of problems in the future and you can protect yourself.

If you stand up and speak loudly against things that are cruel or wrong, those who benefit from hurting others will target you for harassment. You might get in the way of their predatory behavior, and they don’t like that.

Sometimes doing the right thing and speaking out against the wrong is a hard choice. It doesn’t always feel like it pays off, but we have to trust that it will.

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