Narcissists and Sociopaths–likenesses and differences

Narcissists and Sociopaths–likenesses and differences My mother and first husband were narcissists, but my second husband was a narcissist and a sociopath. Many people who deal with a narcissist are also dealing with a sociopath because a predator can be both at the same time. There is a common saying that “not all narcissists are sociopaths … Read more

Narcissist mothers and family alienation

We’ve heard about parental alienation, but there’s less commentary on family alienation. It seems to be the hallmark of a narcissistic mother–especially with her daughter. Narcissists of all types are dedicated to discrediting their victims by portraying them as crazy to friends, relatives and acquaintances. They usually start before the victim even knows there is … Read more

Group dynamics protect the narcissist from being called out or held accountable

I got to thinking about something I observed the other day. I’ve noticed that many, if not most, narcissists are protected by their social groups or families. A lot of groups or dysfunctional families look out for their own and hide their secrets. While group solidarity can be a good thing, it can also be toxic … Read more