Narcissists in plain words…

I’m almost finished with my third e-Book about dealing with narcissists. It should be ready in the next week or so. Here’s part of the introduction: “Well just in case, you haven’t met a narcissist, I’ll give you a brief introduction. Narcissists aren’t just jerks or people with whom you don’t get along. They are … Read more

The narcissist is a mirror of the people he wants to target

His life and his interests and hobbies always changed depending on his main friends or love interests. I always felt like neither of the narcissists I married had their own personalities. The first narcissist was more covert–he was not so outwardly aggressive with his narcissistic tendencies–and the other was more overt–there was no missing his … Read more

We learn to take responsibility for the narcissist’s behavior even though it doesn’t feel right

  Now, I look back and can’t believe I pathetically let him dictate how I should be, I can’t believe I took responsibility for his behavior, I can’t believe I didn’t put my foot down at the first signs of controlling behavior. But it happened. That’s the way abuse works. The abuser’s swinging behavior from … Read more