The hardest part of being abused by a narcissist

For me, the hardest part of being abused by a narcissist was trying to tell people what had happened only to find they were under the narcissist’s thrall and didn’t believe me. To go through such extreme torment at the hands of a Jekyll and Hyde and not be validated or supported was the worst. … Read more

Characteristics of Adults Who Were Abused As Children

As a child and young adult, I had many unusual symptoms that doctors couldn’t really explain. I had bad psoriasis, I had daily headaches, I had anxiety and panic attacks, I had chronic migraines, I had ulcers and dysphagia, I was frequently depressed, I was painfully shy with no self-esteem, and I was bullied badly … Read more

Abuse continues because…

Abuse continues because… victims, especially women, are labeled “crazy” or “dramatic” when they speak out victims are scared their abusers will hurt them witnesses stay quiet to avoid retaliation some people actually think abuse is okay judges and police are not well-educated about it the public is not well-educated about it abusers lie vulnerable people make good … Read more