The narcissist makes you think their cruelty is your fault.

Unfortunately, his extreme need for praise and validation was never something I could fulfill no matter how hard I tried. he was so great most of the time, that I took full responsibility for the times he wasn’t great. If he was acting strange, it must be my fault since he was such a great … Read more

The hardest part of being abused by a narcissist

For me, the hardest part of being abused by a narcissist was trying to tell people what had happened only to find they were under the narcissist’s thrall and didn’t believe me. To go through such extreme torment at the hands of a Jekyll and Hyde and not be validated or supported was the worst. … Read more

Disengage from the narcissist

As an active member of several narcissistic abuse support groups, I often see people post screen shots of their dialogues with their narcissistic abusers. They often argue with their narcissists or defend themselves, or they write heartfelt messages explaining how they feel and how the narcissist is hurting them. DON’T DO THIS!!! It may make … Read more

Relationships with a narcissists are not like normal relationships

You can have a bad relationship with some arguments and incompatibility but it will never compare to having a bad relationship with a narcissist. A narcissist will tear your world apart and bring destruction even when you think the relationship is over. From my book The Faces of Narcissistic Abuse: First-Hand Experiences With Narcissists Click … Read more

Discard romantic gifts from a narcissist

Don’t keep romantic mementos from a narcissist. The feelings behind them weren’t real. You don’t want to hit a weak moment and give the narcissist another chance. Keep that narcissist and their gifts where they belong! One of the tips from my book Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse: The Warm Hard Truth Click here to view/buy … Read more