Narcissists gaslight you and protect each other

Narcissists gaslight you and protect each other. Last night, for whatever reason, I remembered an incident that happened with  my narcissist mother and her narcissist sister who is even worse. I have always been a pale person and I have a yellowish olive tinge to my skin tone–just like my dad. I don’t tan much, … Read more

Narcissists in plain words…

I’m almost finished with my third e-Book about dealing with narcissists. It should be ready in the next week or so. Here’s part of the introduction: “Well just in case, you haven’t met a narcissist, I’ll give you a brief introduction. Narcissists aren’t just jerks or people with whom you don’t get along. They are … Read more

The narcissist is a mirror of the people he wants to target

His life and his interests and hobbies always changed depending on his main friends or love interests. I always felt like neither of the narcissists I married had their own personalities. The first narcissist was more covert–he was not so outwardly aggressive with his narcissistic tendencies–and the other was more overt–there was no missing his … Read more

Ten narcissist traits that we don’t always expect

Sometimes we envision a narcissist as a hot girl/handsome guy staring at herself/himself in the mirror.  It’s easy to assume they are rich, attractive, glamorous and obvious. But…they aren’t. One of the reasons narcissists are so successful at conning people is they are extremely average and don’t seem offensive at all…at first. Here are ten things … Read more