Disengage from the narcissist

As an active member of several narcissistic abuse support groups, I often see people post screen shots of their dialogues with their narcissistic abusers. They often argue with their narcissists or defend themselves, or they write heartfelt messages explaining how they feel and how the narcissist is hurting them. DON’T DO THIS!!! It may make … Read more

Why we stay with narcissists

Sometimes we stay with narcissists and abusers and others can’t understand why…. From my eBook “The Faces of Narcissistic Abuse: First-Hand Experiences with Narcissists” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OZIK2EC “Now sometimes normal people will ask you why you let these things continue to happen. Well, it’s because you want people to treat you well. You try in vain. You … Read more