Too many people would rather have an abuse victim shut up than see the abuser held accountable

My ex narcopath can be very charming, but also has a reputation for being a big jerk with many people. In fact, a lot of the people who attack and bully me for speaking out about how bad the abuse was will admit that they know he’s an abuser! But, they still support him and … Read more

The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part Six–Distracted by Flattery

I took a break from analyzing Fifty Shades of Grey but now I’ll continue on. Here are the previous entries: The not so sexy side of Fifty Shades of Grey–Part One, Part Two Boundary Violations, Part Three–Control, Part Four–Lack of Consideration, and Part Five–Blinded by Sex All quotes are from James, E L (2011-05-25). Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty … Read more

To the flying monkeys who have never met me, but attack me for the narcissist

Do you think the narcissist isn’t using you? Think again! If you have a narcissist ex, you know that they are extremely charming and trick you into believing everything they say. Even if other people warn you, the narcissist has such great stories to rationalize the cruel things they have done to others. Until it … Read more

You don’t have to be a professional to know something is wrong!

Know the signs of a predator! I know we aren’t all psychologists or therapists, and we don’t all have the credentials to diagnose someone, but you CAN trust your instincts. A narcissist or a sociopath is so much different from a “normal” person, that it’s easy to tell something is wrong after you spend enough … Read more

Dangerous Personalities book review–Protecting yourself from predators

Click here to purchase Dangerous Personalities: An FBI Profiler Shows You How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Harmful People I finished reading this book last night and learned something serious and important. I think my narcopath ex is worse than I’d thought! Here’s why…. First of all, the author is a former FBI profiler, (like Criminal … Read more

Just an example of how obsessed a narcissist is with a smear campaign….

The narcissist’s smear campaign is ongoing, underground, and relentless. You won’t know even half of what he’s really doing. A few years ago, after I first split from my ex narcopath, I posted in a large forum where I was an active member and asked if anyone wanted to form a small, private support group for people … Read more

The day I started recovering from narcissistic abuse

There is hope, recovery, and peace after narcissistic abuse! So many of us say that recovering from a narcissist is much harder than recovering from a regular break-up. It’s true! In a bad relationship, you might fight with your partner, but when you are with a narcissist, they are tearing your life apart. And they … Read more

How I learned that the courts can’t be trusted to protect raped women

A few years ago, I briefly dated someone who became extremely abusive within months. From his behavior towards me, stories I heard from others and stories he told me, I quickly realized he was definitely a narcissist and probably a sociopath as well. He was reckless, cruel, lacked empathy, was manipulative and lied a lot. … Read more