Common abbreviations and terms

This list is in progress and will be updated frequently:

ACON–Adult Child of a Narcissist
DONF–Daughter of a Narcissistic Father
DONM–Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother
EF–Enabling Father-the father who doesn’t speak up when a narcissist mother abuses the kids
EM–Enabling Mother-the mother who doesn’t speak up when a narcissist father abuses the kids
FM–Flying Monkey-someone who abuses you or stalks you for the narcissist
GC–Golden Child-the favored child of a narcissist parent
Narcopath–Someone who is both a narcissist and a sociopath
NB–Narcissist Brother
NBIL–Narcissist Brother-in-law
NF–Narcissist Father
NFIL–Narcissist Father-in-law
NM–Narcissist Mother
NMIL–Narcissist Mother-in-law
NS–Narcissist Sister
NSIL–Narcissist Sister-in-law
SG–Scapegoat-the child that a narcissist parent dislikes and blames for all problems
Supply–the person that the narcissist is currently targeting and getting an ego boost from

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