Fight Against Domestic Violence Charity Challenge!

Introducing the Fight Against Domestic Violence Charity Challenge!


I want to introduce an idea that I think could be fun, inspiring and meaningful for all of us! As I mentioned a few days ago, I love Jamberry nail wraps and I am an independent consultant. So I was excited to see that the company would be offering a Domestic Violence awareness style that will also donate to charity. I am ordering my set and look forward to wearing them! And so I’m proposing a challenge! (I am an independent consultant, and this is my personal challenge that is not affiliated with Jamberry.)


Let’s wear these wraps to inspire conversations and educate people about our domestic violence experiences and knowledge! I guarantee people will notice and ask about these styles, so I’m setting up a contest and giveaway.

So I’m challenging all of us to talk to at least one person every day about domestic violence–specifically narcissistic abuse. This challenge will last until March 31st.

  • Jamberry is donating $3.00 for every wrap sold. For every wrap that you order through this challenge, I will contribute an additional donation of $2.00 so that each wrap donates a total $5.00 to charity.
  • If we hit 20 wraps, ($100 donation total,) I will enter everyone who orders the wrap into a drawing to win all of my eBooks for free. (Each wrap will be one entry.)
  • If we hit 50 wraps ($250 donation total,) I will enter everyone into a drawing to win a manicure/nail goodies gift set.

When you place an order, the site will ask you for the party which is named “Fight Against Domestic Violence Charity Challenge!” That will make sure it goes to the right place and I can keep track of orders for the drawing.

I will post the winner’s name if they wish, but I can also keep the names confidential or use an alias if anyone has privacy concerns.

33033714662_6179de7b59_oBecause of my location, I can only accept U.S. orders; however, these wraps come in English or Spanish versions. All wraps are made in the United States. They last up to two weeks, (although I’ve had them last over three weeks!) Each sheet can be used for four manicures or pedicures, and you can easily apply them at home using a hairdryer. (I started out using my space heater.)

Shipping is $4.99 for orders up to $100, (and of course, you can add other items in the same order if you want.)

Feel free to ask any questions, or if you would like to try a sample wrap to see how they work, you can send me a message on my Facebook page and I’ll get you a sample ASAP!