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If you don’t already own a Kindle and you want to be able to read my books, Amazon will let you download a free app to use on your computer.

If you want to “borrow” the books instead of buying them, you can use Kindle Unlimited. They have a 30 day trial.

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  1. My father was not 90% abesnt, but very difficult. He had rage attacks, was verbally abusive and has as I understand now strong narcissistic traits. He is much too caught up in memories of his own unhappy childhood, and he uses other people (mainly women) to stabilize himself, so adoring or loving another human being while accepting the separateness of this person is not something he is capable of. I did not get out of this family situation unscarred, but the pain never got so bad that I needed therapy. I believe that I owe this 100% to my mother and the fact that she adored me when I was little. A mother’s love is a very strong protection and can compensate for a lot of things. That should still be true in case people follow traditional gender roles as my parents did in the 70 s. But I guess when fathers assume a more active role at home (which is something I find absolutely desirable), the damage the non-adoring ones could do would be bigger.Thank you very much for writing this blog, Dr. Burgo! Even though I never needed therapy, there are still family issues that make my life difficult from time to time, and reading your blog helps a lot. The depth of your insight and the compassionate way in which you describe personality disorders are amazing.

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