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  1. The diabolical and unconscionable comments that I have encountered, as of recent weeks, have made me realize how sick greed and people in power are!

    I have proven bigomy by self authenticating government documents; perjury; fraud; economic abuse ; and identity theft!

    A devout Christian said:
    They are after you with political backing in order to unconscionable deny fact!

    I am Army strong and laugh about the childish dealings!

    I focus on my angel live in grandson , mostly!

    I thank you for sharing all.
    I have more to learn ; however, I refuse to listen to the Gaslighting surrounding me from all in the system!

    I know and GOD knows the factual reality!

    I know my rights and will continue to seek all help for the legal and narcopath abuse I have suffered.

    Please note that it is not about money for me but about my life and sacrifices of 27 years, my service to our country; and it matters that any difference , no matter how small I can make, will help another individual that like all on this blog, deserve to be heard and justice to protect all from such horrific criminal crap on this planet!

    Peace and believe in whatever you spiritual way you wish!
    Love and let live!

    Depart from narcopathic evil!

  2. I am so glad I have found information on a mother who is narcissistic! I am 52 and I am an over acheiver. I have been blessed to be married to my childhood sweetheart and we have three sons. I graduated from high school at 16 to leave the grips of my “secretly mean” narcissistic mother. I am an African American and our culture sheds a great value on the love of a mother. The mother is revered and it is a damantion sin to feel anything but pure unadulturated love for your mother. So it was especially difficult to be under the rule of a mother who the entire community felt was a model mother, school teacher and church person. Especially since I live in a small town where everyone knows you. My mother is not only mean she can be vicious. She targeted my sister and I too cruelty beyond imagination including beatings. However her cruelty was far worst in the verbal form. I was called sluts and whores before I reached the age of seven and so was my sister. She treated my father (who was a humble man) like a dog. Constantly telling him he was less than a man. And totally controlling every dime he received from his veterans benefits. She did not allow us the ability to make any decisions even as simple as what type of shoes we wanted. Her daily declaration was “you are not shit and you never will be shit”. I can never remember getting a kind word from her as a child. My sister was the easiest target due to her always seeking acceptance of my mothers love. Unfotunately my sister life was so affected by her lack of love that she made bad choices and married two men who ultimately phsyically and mentally abused her. She is now diagnosed as as Bi Polar. She has tried to commit suicide on over three occassions. And has been hosptialized over 20 times however she still choses to live with my mother and continue to seek her love. My mother control and meaness included so many incidents of lack of love that they are too many to list. However, if you are on this post I am sure you understand my life. I have had a lifetime of working on “what is wrong with my childhood”. I had years of my husband and friend saying your mother loves you she is just set in her ways. No one would address the fact that no “your mother is incapable of loving you” She has a severe Personality Disorder. Your information has helped me sooo much. I always knew she did not love me but I always tried to figure out why? I knew she was not the typical crazy because she could fool so many people into believing she was a good person. She is now 82 and her health is failing. I am having a hard time accepting the fact that I must (it’s my religious conviction) be prepared to take care of a woman who never has and never will love me. I also fear the day that she dies (if she passes before me). I dont want to drop ONE TEAR for a person who never gave me one day of love. However I am conflicted because deep down I still love her ( she is my mother). I am mentally trying to prepare my self to take care of a person who I feel not only doesnt love me but who most likely hates me. I hope to find solace and comfort and your information on this subject is very helpful. Thank you for addressing the “silent sin” of being a child who mother does not love me.

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