Relationships with a narcissists are not like normal relationships

You can have a bad relationship with some arguments and incompatibility but it will never compare to having a bad relationship with a narcissist. A narcissist will tear your world apart and bring destruction even when you think the relationship is over. From my book The Faces of Narcissistic Abuse: First-Hand Experiences With Narcissists Click … Read more

Discard romantic gifts from a narcissist

Don’t keep romantic mementos from a narcissist. The feelings behind them weren’t real. You don’t want to hit a weak moment and give the narcissist another chance. Keep that narcissist and their gifts where they belong! One of the tips from my book Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse: The Warm Hard Truth Click here to view/buy … Read more

Why we stay with narcissists

Sometimes we stay with narcissists and abusers and others can’t understand why…. From my eBook “The Faces of Narcissistic Abuse: First-Hand Experiences with Narcissists” “Now sometimes normal people will ask you why you let these things continue to happen. Well, it’s because you want people to treat you well. You try in vain. You … Read more