People who have been abused once are exponentially more likely to be abused again

It is a sad reality that once a person has been abused or assaulted they are MORE likely to be abused or assaulted again. Revictimization rates are very high. People who have been abused repeat patterns. They also develop vulnerable body language or naive coping patterns that make them more susceptible to further abuse. And … Read more

Why narcissists and predators love organizations and clubs

I have previously blogged about something I noticed–that a club enabled and protected my ex narcopath. I saw it for myself and noticed the phenomenon, but I recently found an article from a professional that better explains what I was seeing. This article is titled and focused on predators in religious organizations, but it begins with … Read more

Helpful link about the narcissist’s devalue phase

Narcissists have a standard relationship cycle. They love bomb you and treat you like the greatest person ever, which draws you in. Then they begin to lose their charm and they devalue you. This is when the abuse begins. Finally, they discard you as yesterday’s news. This article gives you some of the warning signs that … Read more